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September, 2015
Alceis Newsletter 09-2015
July, 2015
Alceis Newsletter été-2015
June, 2015
Alceis Newsletter 06-2015
May, 2015
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April, 2015
Back from expatriation, expatriation or immigration? Ericksonian hypnosis
  • This Month: Coming back home after an expatriation is not simple. Alceis was invited to a public dialogue in Paris. What can be done to make things easier?
  • Your life as an Expat: When you have been living abroad for many years, expatriation call be called immigration. Aurélia, Philippe and their children have been living in NYC for 15 years
  • Coaching issues: Living abroad is not exceptional anymore, but remains a source of stress. Ericksonian hypnosis can be a solution

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March, 2015
Loi ALUR, living in Madrid, controlling your image

Last call: 4 days left if you did not participate to Alceis Global Nomads’ survey on the expatriate partner

Let's start

  • This Month: The ALUR law modifies relations between owner and tenant. An update
  • Your life as an Expat: when Nathalie arrived to Madrid, she had to obtain the NIE and the “padrone”. What are these precious documents? Just this kind of bothering administrative tasks foreigners must do when they come to a new country
  • Coaching issues: image, personal branding and e-reputation were the theme of a breakfast organized by French association XMP Consult. Danielle Deffontaines was one of the speakers
February, 2015
Magellan Network, communication skills, XXIth century talents

Alceis Global nomads launches its survey on the expatriate partner.

You are an expatriate partner, it takes 5 to 10 mn to fill it:

Let's start

  •  This Month: Magellan’s certification acknowledges our clients’ satisfaction. Alceis is certified for the 5th following year
  • Your life as an Expat: developing our communication skills is a good idea. Doing it with an international group in English and French is a great idea. Patrick shares his experience
  • Coaching issues: detecting talents in the 21th century: when curiosity, insight, determination and involvement are the keys word
January, 2015
5 New Year resolutions, Düsseldorf, expatriate in China

Over the past year, Alceis Global Nomads has accompanied Americans, Brazilians, British, Chinese, Colombians, Danes, French, Germans, Indians, Italians, Japanese, Romanians, Russians, and South-Africans.

Our team wishes you a very happy, international and joyful Year 2015. Click on the picture and view the video

С Новым годом! Happy New Year!  שנה טובה         سنة جيدة    Godt Nytår!  新年好  Bonne année    明けましておめでとう  Frohes Neues Jahr!Felice anno nuovo!  An Nou fericit! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

  •  This Month: The beginning of the year is the period of good resolutions. Here are five ways to be useful, whilst committing yourself to a absorbing activity. Sport, history, fundraising and healthiness are just four of the most popular activities. Alceis will show you the way!
  • Your life as an Expat: Life is cool in Düsseldorf! Did you know that the Rhenish city is one of the most international in Germany?
  • Coaching issues: Florence tells us about her active life as an expat in a “small” Chinese city and highlights the importance of her preparation to expatriation with Alceis
  • Book of the month: a testimonial book based on over 100 interviews, and written by two expats. We like the book, just download the newsletter to discover it!
December, 2014
Paris-Shanghai, back home spouse assistance

This is the exciting month that precedes the end of the year! Fall is mild, and yet: 2015 is coming soon. The Alceis Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

  • This Month, a present for the family: visiting Paris with your private touristic guide, and, why not, with a photographer who will take outstanding pics of your family in front of the most famous Parisian monuments. With a special offer for our readers!
  • Your life as an Expat: Chinese New Year is later, but join now Sophie in Shanghai, “the place to be”
  • Coaching issues: Thanks to our international network, a coaching is possible, from Paris to Singapore via London, New York or Abu Dhabi! For a successful arrival, the coaching of the non-working partner aims to prepare him/her to his/her future life as an expat, and to give him/her any useful information for a successful expatriation. Third and last article of the serie: “Coming back home”
  • Book of the month: It’s Christmas, so we present not only one, but two books to help you surviving in China

Enjoy your reading!

November, 2014
Special issue Singapore

Many of you appreciated the cross-cultural training sessions to Singapore by our consultant Laure. We propose now a new induction program in Singapore based on executive coaching and multicultural insights, a most valuable support given during the starting period, facilitating the on boarding and improving the efficiency of the expatriate manager in his/her new role. We celebrate this good news by a Special Singapore issue.

  • This Month, the new induction program in Singapore, a most valuable support at during the starting period
  • Your life as an Expat: Living in Singapore? A very positive experience, and also a few surprises!
  • Coaching issues: Thanx to our international network, a coaching is possible, from Paris to Singapore via London, New York or Abu Dhabi! For a successful arrival, the coaching of the non-working partner aims to prepare him/her to his/her future life as an expat, and to give him/her any useful information for a good start. Second article of three: “During the Stay”
  • Book of the month: Living in Singapore, a small clever book – in French only!

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