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October, 2014
Yoga for expatriates, expat’s partner, Magellan Network
  • Your life as an Expat: Yoga is a practice that facilitates expatriates’ integration and help them feeling “at home”. Susanne Haegele is German; after having lived in Spain, she teaches yoga to expats in Paris. She describes her practice and indicates its benefits
  • Coaching issues: Thanx to our international network, a coaching is possible, from Paris to Singapore via London, New York or Abu Dhabi! For a successful arrival, the coaching of the non-working partner aims to prepare him/her to his/her future life as an expat, and to give him/her any useful information for a good start. First article of three: “Before the Leave”
  • This Month: The annual Congress of the Magellan Network is the opportunity for the labelized experts to meet up the members of the network. Alceis is an accredited expert since 2011
  • Book of the month: Coaching is particularly advised in transition situations. The last issue of the French revue Sociologies Pratiques is about professional transitions

Enjoy your reading!

September, 2014
French Social Security, expatriate engineers, cross-cultural trainings

We wish you an excellent come back from holiday, full of energy and enthusiasm

  • Benefiting from French Social Security:  The French system is one of the best in the world. However, Membership seems to be a real challenge to anyone
  • Your life as an Expat: 50.000 French Engineers answers to an enquiry about their life in expatriation: career, choices, money (in French only)
  • Coaching issues: To address many requests from companies, we have recently designed a new one-day seminar focused on cross-cultural ex-changes
  • Book of the month: IQ is not the only criterion of intelligence! Emotional Intelligence, by David Coleman highlights the role of emotions

Enjoy your reading!

July, 2014
Expat’s holiday, test, gestures decoding

A summertime coloured newsletter !

  • What kind of vacationer are you?  Our summer test inspired by the MBTI will help you relaxing and discovering your personal profile… as a vacationner
  • Your life as an Expat: Expat families also go on holidays! Like anybody? Not really! Check if your holidays are those of an opportunist, an adventurer, a good son… or a workaholic
  • Coaching issues: our postures reveal who we are and gestures are symbolic. Read an analysis of the seated position, decode them and learn the positive body attitudes
  • Book of the month: the French magazine Long Court presents in its last issue an article about “Working abroad, the new Elorados”… and many other areas worth to discover

Alceis team wishes you a wonderful Summer and is eager to meet you in September. Enjoy your reading!

June, 2014
French pay slip, ALUR law, cultural differences
  • The French pay slip is an indispensable document if you rent a residence in France. It gives the gross and net income, as well as the many social contributions. A note to help you deciphering every line.
  • Your life as an Expat: The new law ALUR also changes rules for French residing abroad and renting their French residence. A law proposal may soften certain dispositions.
  • Coaching issues: cultural differences are a cause of misunderstandings in international teams. The Harvard Business Review proposes an 8 dimensions mapping to make them more understandable.
  • Book of the month: The Culture Map, by Erin Meyer, completes the Harvard Business Review’s article and compares a larger number of countries

Enjoy your reading!

May, 2014
Expat’s partner, tools for change, relations owner/tenant
  • A new French law modifies relations between the owner and the tenant. The notice to leave is reduced: discover what is changing
  • Your life as an Expat: Alceis realized and published a study about expats’ partners. Often forgotten, the partner plays an essential role
  • Coaching issues: there is a strong link between financial performance and the alignment of an organisation’s operating values to the employees’ personal values. CTTs, developed by R. Barrett, are a set of assessment tools that map the values and culture of individuals and organisations
  • Book of the month: Carnet d’un expatrié en Chine (book available in French only)

Enjoy your reading!

April, 2014
Immigration to France, interview Dubai on Radio Monaco, expat’s partner
  • You are willing to understand why immigration to France takes so much time ? Anthony Pajot, our immigration expert, tells you the mysteries of French immigration
  • Your life as an Expat: Isabelle is expatriate in Dubai and happy, you can hear her smile in her voice. You can listen to her or read her interview on GMT+, Radio Monaco
  • Les Trophées des Français à l’étranger (French living abroad awards) were awarded for the second time. Marielle Canova was in the magnificent rooms of the Ministry of French Foreign Affairs, representing the SNPRM. She noted two prize-winners: expats’ partners who created their own business in Hong Kong and the Netherlands
  • Book of the month: How to be German in 50 Easy Steps

Enjoy your reading!

March, 2014
The End of the Tunnel, back home, creativity
  • Words to understand each other: there is just the Channel between France and England, and so many misunderstandings;
  • Your life as an Expat: Give value to your expatriation without bothering your friends and colleagues when you come back home ;
  • Coaching issues: creativity is the lever of change (easy to say ?) ;
  • Book of the month: Organizations based on values are the most efficient

Enjoy your reading!

February, 2014
Writing your story, choosing a school, assertiveness
  • Finding the words to tell your expatriation and keep memories: Florence expains how she interviews expatriates and write a book for them;
  • Your life as an Expat: February is the right time for choosing a school for next year and prepare the enrollment file ;
  • Coaching issues: Do not slam the door and dare say « No » (or even « Yes”), and develop your assertiveness;
  • Book of the month: A young French couple chose to create a comics trip to express and share their everyday life living in Québec: discover Quebec Land!
Enjoy your reading!
January, 2014
French taxes, French welcome network, Group in Asia
  • A brief school revision for those arriving or coming back to France : taxes in France;
  • Your life as an Expat: The welcoming French network abroad is rich and offers valuable resources to French, or French speaking, expats. To be discovered! ;
  • Coaching issues: In Asia, collective identity and relationship to the group prevail over personal identity in Asia. The group concept, for the freshly arrived expat to China or Japan, is not obvious to grasp. Laure Dykstra gives the keys for a better understanding.
  • Book of the month: Le management intercultural et les resources humaines en Europe (Cross-cultural Management and Human Resources in Europe). Marielle Canova is co-author of this text book aimed to HR professionals and students.
Enjoy your reading!
December, 2013
East and West, Expat in Thaïland, Accompanying Partner
  • Asian and Western cultures are incommensurable : behind this word used in mathematics, a reality illustrated by a boxing fight that never really happened between Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and a Japanese fighter;
  • Your life as an Expat: Even after having spent many years in Thailand, a French expatriate admits that « he learnt nothing » ; his testimony shows that expatriation is a constant apprenticeship ;
  • Coaching issues: And now, University professors are interested by the accompanying partner. They analyze difficulties, but also solutions, for the one who comes “with”;
  • Book of the month: De retour chez moi (Back Home ) is the title of a book recently published by an expatriate author and blogger back home from Prag.

Alceis team wishes you a great Holiday break and a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your reading!


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