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January, 2014
French taxes, French welcome network, Group in Asia
  • A brief school revision for those arriving or coming back to France : taxes in France;
  • Your life as an Expat: The welcoming French network abroad is rich and offers valuable resources to French, or French speaking, expats. To be discovered! ;
  • Coaching issues: In Asia, collective identity and relationship to the group prevail over personal identity in Asia. The group concept, for the freshly arrived expat to China or Japan, is not obvious to grasp. Laure Dykstra gives the keys for a better understanding.
  • Book of the month: Le management intercultural et les resources humaines en Europe (Cross-cultural Management and Human Resources in Europe). Marielle Canova is co-author of this text book aimed to HR professionals and students.
Enjoy your reading!
December, 2013
East and West, Expat in Thaïland, Accompanying Partner
  • Asian and Western cultures are incommensurable : behind this word used in mathematics, a reality illustrated by a boxing fight that never really happened between Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and a Japanese fighter;
  • Your life as an Expat: Even after having spent many years in Thailand, a French expatriate admits that « he learnt nothing » ; his testimony shows that expatriation is a constant apprenticeship ;
  • Coaching issues: And now, University professors are interested by the accompanying partner. They analyze difficulties, but also solutions, for the one who comes “with”;
  • Book of the month: De retour chez moi (Back Home ) is the title of a book recently published by an expatriate author and blogger back home from Prag.

Alceis team wishes you a great Holiday break and a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your reading!

November, 2013
NGOs, Higher Education, Crisis and Metamorphosis
  • Interactivity and communication: the Alceis Newsletter evolves. If you wish to read the whole articles or know more about topics related to international mobility or to our articles, just click on the sign ►►|
  • Your life as an Expat: When children are old enough to leave their family, expatriate families make difficult choices concerning their higher education
  • Coaching issues: Crisis, an invitation to metamorphosis ? Natacha Rozentalis, author of Passport to Metamorphosis, does us the pleasure to present an abstract of her views.  
  • Book of the month: back to Oui, But… a movie on transactional analysis. The film editor contacted us after the article we published in April 2013 ..

Enjoy your reading!

October, 2013
Expat couples, Non working partner, Magellan Network
  • News: Alceis attented the Magellan Network’s International Mobility Club: the annual meeting for international mobility managers and certified experts.
  • Your life as an Expat: life in expatriation is a family story, one more reason to choose carefully your matrimonial regime.
  • Coaching issues: Neither group therapy, nor a support group – Co-Development is an innovative method of counselling for bouncing back upon from expatriation. To be read by any non-working partner!
  • Book of the month: practical guides to settle abroad.

Enjoy your reading!

September, 2013
Alceis a Eura Member, Kuala Lumpur, Female leadership

We wish you a warm welcome back from your summer holidays

  • News: Alceis is now a proud member of the EuRA, having received full membership this summer. The membership acknowledges high quality standards and attests the respect of European professional rules.
  • Your life as an Expat: After a couple of years in Angola, a family come back home to France and is rapidly assigned in Kuala Lumpur. First impressions of a new life.
  • Coaching issues: Does gender influence the way one manages persons or a team? Nathalie Dumur, coach, talks about “Female leadership”.
  • Book of the month: “S’expatrier, vous en rêvez, ils l’ont fait”, portraits of 100 French expats around the world.

Enjoy your reading!


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