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November, 2013
NGOs, Higher Education, Crisis and Metamorphosis
  • Interactivity and communication: the Alceis Newsletter evolves. If you wish to read the whole articles or know more about topics related to international mobility or to our articles, just click on the sign ►►|
  • Your life as an Expat: When children are old enough to leave their family, expatriate families make difficult choices concerning their higher education
  • Coaching issues: Crisis, an invitation to metamorphosis ? Natacha Rozentalis, author of Passport to Metamorphosis, does us the pleasure to present an abstract of her views.  
  • Book of the month: back to Oui, But… a movie on transactional analysis. The film editor contacted us after the article we published in April 2013 ..

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October, 2013
Expat couples, Non working partner, Magellan Network
  • News: Alceis attented the Magellan Network’s International Mobility Club: the annual meeting for international mobility managers and certified experts.
  • Your life as an Expat: life in expatriation is a family story, one more reason to choose carefully your matrimonial regime.
  • Coaching issues: Neither group therapy, nor a support group – Co-Development is an innovative method of counselling for bouncing back upon from expatriation. To be read by any non-working partner!
  • Book of the month: practical guides to settle abroad.

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September, 2013
Alceis a Eura Member, Kuala Lumpur, Female leadership

We wish you a warm welcome back from your summer holidays

  • News: Alceis is now a proud member of the EuRA, having received full membership this summer. The membership acknowledges high quality standards and attests the respect of European professional rules.
  • Your life as an Expat: After a couple of years in Angola, a family come back home to France and is rapidly assigned in Kuala Lumpur. First impressions of a new life.
  • Coaching issues: Does gender influence the way one manages persons or a team? Nathalie Dumur, coach, talks about “Female leadership”.
  • Book of the month: “S’expatrier, vous en rêvez, ils l’ont fait”, portraits of 100 French expats around the world.

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