Internet: trying (hard) to be connected!

Having an internet connection in a new residence is now a priority, if not THE priority. Fiber is the most required option. However, if many apartments and even houses are now eligible to fiber, this is not true everywhere in France. The first thing we do is checking by the providers if your residence is eligible. If this is not the case, an ADSL connection is the alternative.

Providers recently change their policy. They send their own technician –usually a subcontractor. This means that we cannot anymore ask a technician we know and trust for his skills. We do not master the choice of the technician who will install your connection. When the contract is subscribed, we take an appointment with the technician sent by the provider. The appointment cannot be taken precisely: it would be between 8:00 am and 10:00 am for instance. When he arrives, the technician calls the expatriate. If he/she does not answer immediately, if the line is busy, he will leave without leaving a message. And it is not possible to call him back. The appointment is also sometimes not respected: the author of these lines recently had an appointment between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm: the technician showed off at 8:30 pm!!! Technicians sometimes have a very busy schedule, face unexpected problems, and are delayed. Without telling you, of course! Nevertheless, the situation is not satisfying for the customer.

If the appointment is not successful, it is necessary to take a new appointment, according to the same process, and cross fingers. Then, as we cannot choose the technician, the quality of his service is not guaranteed.

This issue bothers relocation agencies, and is a topic of discussion in the relocation union (SNPRM). We are doing our best to find solutions, and find the same quality of service we used to offer, but are totally dependent of the providers’ policy.