Europe on the Move: France is the second preferred destination after the UK for job seekers in Europe

According to a recent report, France is the second preferred destination after the UK for job seekers in Europe.

The results of the report "Europe on the move" published in April by Indeed Hiring Lab show that job seekers in Europe prefer the UK and France. The reasons are extremely various, and not only linked to economic or professional perspectives. The first reason given by candidates to expatriation is: “getting a personal experience” (65%). “Getting a professional experience receives a similar proportion of answers. Then follows the desire to “seize better career opportunities” (59%), the desire to have “a better quality of life” (55%), and “discovering a new culture” (54%). Among the 10 most given answers, six are linked to acquiring experience and personal development.

According to the conclusion of the report, “Even though today’s job search behaviour is increasingly global, in most countries migration policies still limit the ability of jobseekers to move across borders. Within the EU, however, people face virtually no legal barriers to migration. This makes EU cross-border job search flows highly revealing for people interested in understanding how job search activities translate into actual moves. For employers in particular, a deeper understanding of search patterns can provide valuable insights into the challenges they will face when it comes to finding the talent they need. In some countries, international interest is high, and European firms can leverage their location to tap into the mobile EU talent pool. Knowledge of geographical variation in EU jobseekers’ interest, can also help employers make decisions about where to locate branch offices, and how to target groups of talent with specific location preferences. Employers located in countries that struggle to attract EU jobseekers may have to consider other incentives when it comes to filling the talent gap with international candidates. For instance, relocation bonuses and competitive packages can help mitigate the risk involved in a move. There is no doubt however that Europe is a continent on the move—and this is a fact its citizens take for granted. Regardless of the current crisis, that seems unlikely to change any time soon”.