Is time speeding up?

This article is based on a radio programme (France Inter, public French Broadcast) from May 5, 2017, Grand Bien vous fasse. In our Western societies, we feel as is time is speeding up. We are hyper connected, and do not have time for ourselves. We also feel that in China, everybody is rushing. According to a French living in Beijing, in Chinese culture, things go extremely fast and extremely slowly.  Chinese are able to combine digital and economic speed to taking time for walking or practicing Tai Chi.

Plants do not grow faster if you pull them up. A strong dimension of relational time is still very present. It is not about speed or slow pace, but to adjust to environment or people they meet. The only question would then be: is it the right time for doing this? This wisdom combines action and availability, patience and reactivity. Time is not an enemy, but a friend.