Relocation to France: Discourse of the Method

A relocation is not only a house hunting. There are several steps, from the first contact to the end of the mission, and it can take a few months. A non-UE family with young children should follow the following steps:  Immigration, finding the most appropriate school, a new residence, enrollment to French social security.

The immigration process

Ricardo is Mexican, as well as his wife and their two chidren. Anthony, our immigration expert, examines their situation and suggests to his company the best solution. Anthony thinks that Ricardo fullfil the conditions to obtain the working permit « salarié en mission » or « carte bleue européenne ». According to him, the carte bleue Européenne would be preferable.  However, the card « salarié en mission » gives him the possibility to change job and company, within the same group. Anthony takes also care of the immigration process of Ricardo’s wife and children. The rules are strict, and Anthony’s expertise is particularly valuable: the final decision always belongs to administration. Immigration officers sometimes require unexpected documents: for instance, in Paris, but not in the close Hauts de Seine department, the children’s health records are required. Unfortunately, health records do not exist in Mexico.  But Anthony found a solution…

A school for the children

Immigration cannot be finalized without an address in France. House hunting should start soon ! Yes… but how can Ricardo and Milena choose a residence if they did not enroll their children to the most appropriate school? The family comes from NYC, where the children attended an American school.  Most of the best English-speaking or bilingual schools are located in the XVth or XVIth district of Paris, or in Western suburban towns. If Ricardo’s company does not pay the bus fees, that are quite high, Ricardo will choose living close to the school (BSP is located in Croissy-sur-Seine and ASP in Saint-Cloud), or a school located in Paris. Several school have waiting lists if the admission process did not start early enough. The consultant in charge of the mission will then submit a chosen list of schools, advises the family, and organize visits with the admission office as soon as possible- if Ricardo can spend a few days in Paris.

House hunting

Ricardo and Milena chose a school in Paris. We need to schedule a day of visits. A rage of apartments are visited. They match with Ricardo’s budget and wishes. At the end of the day, Ricardo and Milena take their decision. Alceis present their application that is accepted by the owner. Ricardo’s company accepts to sign the lease contract, which hugely facilitates the deal. Then, Ricardo has nothing to do: Alceis checks the lease contract, organizes the signature, subscribe an insurance contract, and represents the tenant during the check-in inventory.  Then, we subscribe for Ricardo electricity, gas, Internet contracts. Ricardo plan to move in on July 1st, but his container won’t arrive before weeks. However, we can rent temporary furniture. The family will be able to settle in a furnished apartment, including anything necessary to family life, from the vacuum cleaner to the spoons!

The mysteries of the French social security enrollment

Now, of course, as soon as the lease contract is signed, Anthony sends it to the immigration administration. End of the story? Not yet, because an important step is still to be done: enrollment to French social security. From the day Alceis sends the complete file ( we need to attach the first pay slip, and Ricardo starts working in July: he won’t receive it before end of July) and the day Ricardo receives his social security card, and Milena’s, we will have to wait up to 10 weeks.

Without a perfect knowledge of the immigration secrets, of the rental market and the current rules, of the schooling offer, and of the mysteries of the social security, without talking about the current offers of internet providers, would Ricardo have been able to settle this summer with a serene mind? Our task is to accompany hom, to answer his questions, and to do for him what he could not do from NYC. We are here to make his arrival, and the arrival of his family, the best possible experience. This role of assistance is also our task with his mobility officer in his company.

Information: contact Marielle Canova