The AIRINC 2016 Mobility Outlook Survey

The AIRINC 2016 Mobility Outlook Survey examines how Mobility is resourcing their function, structuring their policies, and adapting to changing business and talent needs.

The Mobility function is in transition. Responsibilities and priorities are shifting, and Mobility is now expected to act as a business by offering solutions that meet customer demand. For many, these changes represent a great cultural shift, with mobility professionals now being required to bring both a commercial outlook and strong communication skills to the table. There is also increased emphasis on advising and partnering. AIRINC’s 2016 Mobility Outlook Survey explores trends in expatriate populations, policies, and mobility resourcing.
The report takes a deep dive into:

  • Mobility’s expansion
  • Policies: frameworks, growth, assignment pay approaches, flexibility
  • Relationships and the Mobility Function, including strengths and challenges, and cost-containment

The 2016 survey indicates that Mobility is succeeding at operational aspects and is working to adapt its role to focus on strategic planning and partnering.