The inescapable of an installation in France

Essential: your bank details

You need a French bank account, whether your company signs the rental contract of your new residence or not. We suggest the name of banks used to welcoming expatriates and having interlocutors speaking your own language, or at least English. We complete your file with you. A document can be problematic: a proof of residence in the country you live before arriving to France. The accepted documents are: a recent bill of electricity, gas, water, or home telephone. You usually have this document. However, you may live in a residence where everything is included. The rental contract is not accepted by the bank. Your relocation agent will find an alternative solution, with the agreement of the bank advisor

Most of the time, bills are easily understandable, but if they are in a non-latin alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese for instance), they must be translated by a certified translator. A translation can take a few days, according to languages and translators’ availabilities, especially in the Summer time. Translators also take summer vacations!

A strict process, explained by the strengthening of the controls of the financial flows

These requirements are not absolutely new, but are now drastic, due to strengthened controls of the financial flows. A few years ago, it was possible to open a bank account with a provisory attestation of residence, and the situation was regularized when an attestation of residence in France was available. This is not the case anymore. If an expat friend tells you: “I opened my bank account a couple of years ago without all these requirements!”, this could have been true at that time, but is not anymore. When the collected documents are validated by the bank, the holder(s) of the bank account just have to come in person to the bank, with original ID cards or passports, and sign to open the bank account. You know have your bank details, called RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire) and IBAN. A few days or weeks later, depending on the bank, you receive your check book and your payment card. However, you are now able to use the services of your on-line bank, or download the app on your smart phone for any payment by transfer.

Once we have your bank details, generally directly informed by your bank, we will be able to subscribe your utility contracts: electricity, gas, water, internet, and insurance. Foreign bank accounts are never accepted. This is why we so desperately need your bank details before your arrival to your new residence, to make sure that everything is functional at your arrival.

Two simple but valuable advises facilitating your installation

  • Please send asap the documents asked by your relocation consultant. She sends them to the bank you chose. The bank checks the documents. If a document is not accepted, a solution will be found.
  • If you come and visit residences, please plan to stay long enough to meet the bank advisor. Avoid bank holiday days or week-ends (Christmas, New Year, Eastern, All Saints’ Day, National Day, Assumption, etc.) as banks are closed. Your relocation consultant will advise you as bank holidays are different across countries. Banks are also closed either on Mondays or Saturdays. Do not hesitate to ask your consultant before booking your flight or train.

Other possible tricky situations

  • Gas was cut in your new residence. This is the case when the former tenant cancelled the contract. The relocation consultant plans an appointment with the technical services of the gas provider and will be present, before your arrival, to leave access to the gas technician
  • Electricity was cut: the situation is more unusual, however it can happen. The consultant is informed, at the latest, during the check-in inventory. She plans an appointment with a technician
  • Scarcely, water supply is also cut, especially in houses. If the real estate agency did not inform the relocation consultant, she will be informed during the check-in inventory, and will plan an appointment.

In any case, meters are checked during the check-in inventory and your relocation consultant will give the data to the provider. When furniture was cut, a few days may be necessary before obtaining an appointment with a technician, especially during the summer time.

If your house is heated by an oil boiler, the consultant will check the meter of the oil tank during the check-in inventory. If the tank is empty or insufficiently full, she will order oil with your authorization. A warm house is always more comfortable in winter!

Subscribing to internet/telephone

Expatriates coming from certain countries wonder why they don’t get immediately an internet connection. Alceis Relocation advises you among the current offers of the providers. A technician comes to your residence and installs the system. He preferably comes after you moved in, and check if everything is connected, computer, home phone and TV. For this reason, you might have to wait a few days to be connected. Please note that two weeks are usually necessary to receive the internet box from the provider after we order it.

The Alceis Relocation team does everything to make your installation as smooth as possible,  do not hesitate to ask any question.