International mobility

Global Nomads


Relocation calls on several areas of expertise: each mission is assigned to a sole referent person who coordinates the experts and consultants involved in the relocation.


Immigration rules are complex and in constant evolution. For successful recruitment, our expertise ensures that your company obtain the required visas and residence permits for the employee and their family, in compliance with regulations.

Cross-cultural training

Living abroad requires adapting to a new culture and language. Cross-cultural training modules and language courses deliver efficient training adapted to the needs of expatriates.

  • Alceis Global Coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Organisation coaching
  • Cross-cultural management

A passion for international mobility

The adventure that is international mobility not only depends on material and logistical aspects, but also on cultural and emotional factors.

To take all of these needs into account, Alceis accompanies the company and employee through all stages of the mission offering practical and concrete solutions

Les missions sont assurées par une équipe d’experts et un réseau de partenaires choisis

Our engagements

International mobility presents changes and challenges for all parties involved. The quality of the relocation is the key to success. Alceis is a member and signatory of the charter of the French Association of Relocation and Mobility Professionals and member of EuRA, the European Relocation Association

Integrated services are fully personalised, addressing the employee's needs in accordance with the client company’s international mobility policy