Controlling your image

The association XMC Consult held a breakfast of which the theme was the role of our image and where I had the honor to speak. A company’s image, personal branding and e-reputation are all central preoccupations for members of a consultants association, as well as those who have recruitment companies or job interviews. The image is a genuine asset for those who work on it, but a burden for those who choose to neglect it.

Everything happens in the first few minutes. The importance of emotion as we buy something is undeniable. Trust is built on two levels – personality and aptitude – but the person in front of us will first take into account our personality, and only in a second, more rational thought assess our capability.

Here are a few tips to communicate at best your image:

1.    Coherence. Make sure the image you portray of yourself is the same on the different social networks you may be using.

2.    Authenticity. You should be expressing the same personality verbally, paraverbally and non verbally.

3.    Enthusiasm. Share it with the person or people in front of you, maintain a positive spirit.

4.    Simplicity. Keep your speech simple and concrete, based around the client’s future needs rather than his past experiences. Introduce yourself in one to two minutes.

5.    Adaptation. Adapt your communication and your look to the other’s profession and country.

6.    Listen. Be attentive to the client’s needs and goals.

Above all, prepare the interview: do your research, on the company and yourself.


Which attitude should you be adopting?

1.    Be yourself, all the while knowing that the person in front of you is different from you. Try to be as authentic as possible to make room for emotion. Without emotion, no decisions.

2.    Stay simple, precise, concise: use clear examples. No need for long monologues: make sure you listen to your client in order to be able to answer his needs.

3.    Adapt your look and attitude according to the job and country. 

The video of this meeting can be view under this link


Danielle Deffontaines, coach