EIA guaranties coaches’ professionalism

Danielle Deffontaines, co-founder of Alceis is also an accredited coach. The EMCC renewed last month her accreditation as Practitioner Coach. The EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) is an international association of professional coaches worried of guaranteeing the quality of their expertise. EMCC France put a lot into the elaboration and the dialogue between the various country members for the implementation of an European accreditation. The EIA (European Individual Accreditation-individual European accreditation) is a process of accreditation which confirms the level of professionalism of a coach by:

  •  The skills,
  • The experiences,
  • The attitude,
  • The approach,
  • The reflection on the practice.

This accreditation guaranties the client that the professionalism of the coach was validated and recognized at a European level by experimented peers after a demanding process.

Danielle is the author of most of the articles on Coaching on our blog. She is a member of EMCC France open to all the professional coaches with an effective and ethical practice of coching. The EMCC France held last March its 2017 Conference .