Ericksonian hypnosis and expatriation, a better way to manage your stress…

Nowadays, in a fast-changing world and constant movement, more and more people have to work or study abroad. Before the departure, many questions may emerge and sometimes transform this wish and desire of adventure in real source of stress (how will I manage the cultural differences, new relationship between people, the language barrier...)

Contrary to popular belief, stress is not systematically negative, because it can sometimes be a good source of motivation to realize our projects. Some people often say that they give the best of them only under pressure. Indeed, in small amount, stress can be a good stimulus. However the buildup of stress can become a handicap which limit our abilities; and eventually, cause a real damages at physical, psychic and moral level…

How hypnosis acts on stress?

By definition, the state of hypnosis is a natural state that we all experiment several times a day. Hypnotherapy is accessible to all, and, each of us is hypnotized. You just need to have been one time completely absorbed by a movie or music and feel the space around you disappear to understand what is hypnosis: It is all these moments of inner magic where something can activate in you. It can be an emotion, a feeling, and offer you a different way of perceiving things.

Having been considered for a long time as "magic and misunderstood" phenomenon, hypnosis begins to be recognized as an essential practice of stress management in companies.

Very often, it's when we fight consciously against stress that we’ll have the most. You just need to force yourself to avoid thinking about not stressing to amplify it. To experiment it, take the example: Don’t thinking about a blue horse, your mind will automatically think about it.

Changing our perception of stress to achieve a harmonious mind

It is really complicated to consciously fight against this type of disorder that why hypnosis is helpful. pnosis Hypnosis allows working on an unconscious level and changing our perception of stress to achieve a harmonious mind.

Through hypnosis, it is possible to take a time for yourself to reconsider things, a moment of introspection during which you will be attentive to your needs. Hypnosis will help you to take some distance to situations and people who are your main sources of stress. Hypnosis Practitioner behaves as a guide who sets the frame without order the content of experience. He helps you to highlight your abilities.

A study led by Dr Stanley Krippner, eminent hypnotherapist and director of a research laboratory on dreams reveals:

"Hypnosis reduced effect of stress more than 60 % with a practice of 3 sessions".

With hypnosis, the person learns to change its perception of reality and thus reconsider its problems to transform them into opportunities We all have a subjective perception of seeing the world, sometimes we just need to restore some movement in this frozen subjectivity to rediscover an emotional balance .

After a few sessions of hypnosis follow, it becomes easier to apply self-hypnosis.

With a good learning and a regular practice of self hypnosis, it will be possible to develop a better understanding of our feelings, and became more open to new perspectives.

Learning without conscious effort and handle your natural feeling in order to adjust our emotional balance may be a key to the well-being...

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