2008-2018: Alceis 10th Birthday

This year marks the 10th birthday of Alceis. We are proud to have served our clients and their co-workers.

Ten years, hundreds of relocations, assisting impatriates and expatriates during their international transition, so many coachings of French leaving their home country or coming back to France, spouses finding their path in a new country and a host of other services aimed at helping small and middle size companies as well as global companies. We also developed collective accompanying in companies, ministries, and associations to help them increasing the performance of their teams through diversity

In addition to building a worldwide network with partners sharing the same values of quality, respect, and research of performance, Alceis has developed a network of experts and consultants in France, able to communicate and work in many languages.

Thank you to everyone, our clients, co-workers, partners in France and abroad who make our adventure so special. Looking forward to the next 10 years, we are determined to be dedicated and creative in identifying and addressing the barriers to achieving our goals and commitments.