5 reasons to like September when you are expat

Holidays are over; you are back to your expat sweet home, great, it is September!

1 You can rest… finally!

You visited any single member of your family during the Summer: parents, step-parents, your auntie who always makes a huge carrot cake that you HAVE to eat all up. You caught up with your best friends, you politely told the others that you really have to visit your aging granny. Your Mom asked you 15 times when you would come back from this weird country, because she never sees her grand-children. Your step-mother pretended that she terribly misses you, and you gently answered that you feel exactly the same. OK, checked, you will be cool at least until Christmas.

2 Children are back to school

It was such a pleasure to drive everyday Benjamin to his sailing lesson, Paula to her tennis lesson, and the youngest one to the swimming lesson. Then to pick them up. You washed everyday 8 kg of dirty laundry, you feed your tribe everyday (kids eat so much on holidays!). Now, they are back to school, your days are yours!

3 Your cleaning lady is also back

You rented a wonderful huge villa by the sea. Unfortunately, the cleaning lady was not included. Now, your fantastic cleaning lady is ringing at the front door, you don’t need to play Cinderella anymore. Hehe!


4 Back to real life

All your friends are there, except Ann who lives now in Singapore and Claire who moves to New York. But the new ones arrived, and you will help them discovering your favorite restaurant. And it’s high time to do sport again. And to Skype Ann and Claire, life is not easy for them at the moment.

5 Time for shopping

Flip-flops and parero, that’s fine, but boring in the end. Good for you, your favorite brands send you e-mails presenting the new collection and their stores are just expecting you.


You are not sure? Then take your calendar and cross the days before your next holidays!