Relocating to the United States with Alceis

Relocating to the United States can be a daunting task; learning American administrative procedures (such as opening a bank account) and for a home. In order to alleviate the stresses of relocating the aid of a company experienced in the country and located in it is indispensable. It is in this context that Alceis operates with its US partner. Therefore, the Human Resources Director is a reliable intermediary in the new country, encouraging saving time and money in the mobility management of the employee. Hand in hands in France and in the States, we are the preferred partner of the Human Resources Director for supporting the mobility of French speaking employees settling in the United States. We administratively and personally manage the transition in terms of installation integration into society across the Atlantic. Personalized monitoring is performed before and after the arrival of the employee. Relocation specialist in New York and Washington DC, we also draw our expertise from our dynamic team and their knowledge of French and American real estate markets.

A range of services to facilitate the arrival and installation

Our values are based on Trust, Competitiveness, Respect and Adaptability to customer needs. Our ambition is to offer all "the keys to a successful expatriation, fulfilling and peaceful." On the market of relocation since 2008, we offer support responding concretely to questions raised by expatriation such as:

Orientation visit

Search for accommodation, rental or purchase,

  • Organization of the move,
  • Installation, for example providing a list with practical information of the expatriate’s new neighborhood,
  • Administrative assistance, our consultants will wait for the expatriate and his family, in the long lines of executive departments of New York or Washington DC (driving license, identity card of the State, etc.. ), accompany visits to the Social Security office, bank, assisting insurance options, providing help from A to Z in all logistical processes or administrative installation to a new city,
  •  Education of children through their knowledge of the American education system, looking for a nursery or a nanny,
  •  Guiding expatriates, combining attentive and personalized service, tailored to their image,
  • Social inclusion of a stay-at-home spouse through a formal relationship with the Francophone community in these cities (discovery of the culture, language, cooking, computer, etc.)

With our services, we shorten the period of adaptation and installation for families saving them the stress and expenses of changing country, having on-site listening and a contact always ready to intervene in difficult situations. We are an essential intermediary in the proper execution of this important transition to the new life as an expatriate both as an employee and as an individual.