Odile Carru

French-American, Odile first worked with US based companies over 10 years, then in Montreal, before joining Paris. She now accompanies professionals from all countries, most often managers and executives of large groups, to help them give a real purpose to their professional life. Indeed, having been an executive herself for 18 years, she knows that often, with distance and refocusing on what really works, we are better equipped to grow, go through the stages and to become a leader, a conscious actor.

Certified ICF, coach of great experience, she offers to corporate and individual clients all the guarantees of a highly ethical and professional approach. This is reflected in her choice of tools such as Profile Xt,, one of the most reliable professional behavior evaluation tool on the market. When working for corporate clients, Odile believes in the importance of the collective and experiential development and in particular operational coaching for small teams of managers.