Increase the efficiency and performance of a team

Global Coaching

Leveraging cross-cultural differences into a performance asset for individuals and teams

To transform cross-cultural differences from a working reality into a real asset for the company, we propose services that enhance our clients' efficiency and performance.

Individual accompaniment :

  • Individual coaching for managers and Executives, in particular expatriates, multicultural profiles, complex take up
  • Assistance to Women in business
  • Manager coach approach
  • Coaching is also offered to expatriate partners, assisting them in their own professional or personal projects.

Collective coaching:

  • Team coaching,
  • Teambuilding
  • Implementing a collaborative approach : managerial reinforcement workshops, co-development,...
  • Conception and implementation of mentoring programs
  • Organisation coaching

Coaching in French, English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, in France and all over the world

A passion for human beings

« I believe that by using its differences as levers, a team or organisation can increase its performance »

Nancy J. Adler, Emeritus Professor

We share this belief that difference and diversity of profiles and experiences are the source of wider efficiency for companies if they succeed in mobilising them collectively. This is the challenge that Alceis Global Coaching wishes to take up with you.

Our engagements :

Our coaches at Alceis Global Coaching are certified and experienced professionals. They all share a background working in international and multicultural companies, and perfectly understand the challenges of working in a cross-cultural context

In collaboration with you, we design change processes tailored to your situation, your challenges and your culture or cultures.

A shared experience of cross-cultural issues, their foundations, their realities, and how we overcome them.

Our commitment to working alongside you to achieve results